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The watercolour and pencil pictures are made ONLY ON LOCATION.

The FREEHAND art on watercolour paper or normal drawing paper is a work that needs a lot of patience and an extremly precise eye.

The work OUTSIDE with rain, wind, heat, traffic and passing pedestrians doesn't make this kind of art easy, but very interesting !

2024  Gentsch World Art
by Michael Gentsch
S a l z b u r g
M a d e i r a
G  E  N  T  S  C  H    W  O  R  L  D    A  R  T
I N S P I R I E R T   S E I T   2 0 0 3
By the way, all my trips are financed by myself and the website is also self made! ;-)
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Cien Frühjahr_M
In Funchal with the greatest support from the whole team of the Museu Quinta das Cruzes muito obrigado ;-))
2016-02-19 Pinturas Mikael 001 image00003
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